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The Whispering Teapot

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The Whispering Teapot

The Whispering Teapot takes place four times per year. Imagine for a moment that we are all sitting together in a beautiful place. The tea has been poured.

We are all comfortable and happy to be in the same place. We are laughing and sharing stories. Our teachers are there and they begin to speak with us and share their knowledge and experiences.

The Whispering Teapot is a one hour online Q & A experience with Diana Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi (Max Christensen). This event is a wonderful opportunity to get your questions answered and to reconnect with your global Primordial Alchemist Community. Upon registration, you will be asked to submit one question and one topic. All questions and topics are compiled to respond to the unique needs of the group. We always have a wonderful time together!

This event will last at least one hour. As you know, Taoist time works a little differently so the event may run longer!

We would like you to provide one question and topic that you are interested in. You will be prompted to a question page when you register. Please ask anything you would like! We will compile all your questions/topics and address them together. As you know from attending our events, each group has its unique energy and needs. We will spend the hour sharing the answers to your questions, providing recommendations and insights, and more! We are so excited to be able to connect with you in this way and we are so fortunate to be able to be in each other’s lives. Welcome to all no prerequisites required!