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Over many years, students often ask us for recommendations and certain products. To assist everyone, we have created this page of the products we use and recommend.

Remember to always seek your physician’s advice or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it. The practices and information given on this website are not a healing modality.

The KUNLUN System and other practices shared are for spiritual evolution.

After many years and 1000’s of hours of research, we present you the products below.

We have become affiliated with some of the products listed below. We ask that you use the links to assist us with the many research hours we have put into this.

All proceeds go to Primordial Alchemist Education. You can also direct other students to this page if they ask about the products we use and recommend.

While we use and trust these products, we take no liability or responsibility for the effectiveness or experience you may have. We always ask students to do their research and trust themselves. Thank you for your support.

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Essential Oils

doTerra (✓ Affiliate)

Why we love doTerra:
doTERRA Healing Hands,
CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade.™,
Global Botanical Network , Co-Impact Sourcing®


EMF Protection

Personal and Home Devices (✓ Affiliate)

Personal and Home Devices (✓ Affiliate)
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Shielding Routers, Smart Meters (✓Affiliate)

Body Shielding (No Affiliate)


Energy and Circulatory

Bio-Mat (No Affiliate) and a list of fake biomats
*Make sure whatever website you buy from it is the Richway biomat. There is a $100 discount for professionals.

Bemer (No Affiliate)

Frequency Generator – also know as Rife devices (No Affiliate)


Tea – Pesticide Free High Quality Tea

Wang Family Tea (No Affiliate)
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Water, Air, Negative Ion (✓Affiliate)

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