Five Elements Qigong App

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Five Elements Qigong App

The Five Element practices are extremely helpful in strengthening the human body and balancing the five major organs and their corresponding emotional components. Aside from their extraordinary biologic functions, the organs can also be thought of as storage batteries for the brain that are used by the body to operate during the day. During our sleep time, our organs recharge like batteries, preparing for the events of the next day.

As human beings, if we use more of one emotion than another, that corresponding organ would drain first and the others would follow. We know that our state of mind, including how and what we think, also affects our body and our organ systems. And we also know without a doubt that remaining positive in thought leads to the constructive flow of energy usage in the body, while negative thought creates a destructive flow of energy within the body.

Each Taoist system has different versions and varieties of this method, and each has a specific intent and purpose. The standing method I teach you is good for physical strength, martial arts, and grounding energy into the earth. If you are weak or have leg problems and cannot stand, you can sit at the edge of a wooden chair, feet flat on the ground, legs shoulder width apart, and do the same postures with your arms.

We highly recommend you read chapter 11 of the KUNLUN System Book for an in-depth description of this practice. The app will assist you in tracking the time in each posture. In the beginning you will hold each posture for 3 minutes working up t0 5, 7, 9, and 12. You will begin to experience deeper manifestations at 7 minutes. Times below 7 minutes are to prepare your body and mind but traditionally students would begin at 7 minutes.

You can download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.