Welcome to our event page. Below you will find a list of events taking place with date, time, and locations. Currently, all events are being held online.  You can explore all of our programs. The KUNLUN System, Mongolian Cermeonies, & Egyptian Esoteric classes will be listed here when offered again. Pre-recorded streaming classes can be viewed here!

The Burning Skeleton

Burning Skeleton is a transformational meditation used to “burn out” mental and energetic impurities that cannot be seen by the conscious mind. In the gold dragon way, the “un-seeing” mind can hold back the manifestations of our practices from coming to realization. Awakening is 98% purification. Learn More

The Whispering Teapot

The Whispering Teapot takes place 4 times per year! Imagine for a moment that we are all sitting together in a beautiful place. The tea has been poured. The Whispering Teapot is a one hour online Q & A experience with Diana Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi (Max Christensen). Learn More

The KUNLUN System: Intro Guide to the Book

Within the Taoist school of thought, there are many methods and ways to awaken one’s self through body, mind, spirit, breath, form or emptiness. I have devoted my life to unraveling the great spiritual truths of the universe. Learn More

Kunun Level 2A - Online

In Kunlun Level 2 you will build on the beginning foundational practices by learning the intermediate techniques of this sacred system. Based on the individual cultivator, the level 2 practices bring forth unique and meaningful perspectives upon one’s path. Learn More
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