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Learn the Leisurely, Peaceful, and Meditative Art of Tea!

Share this art with your family, friends, and loved ones or make it a solitary practice for your own soul.

In this class, you will learn the significance and function of tea ceremonies as social events that bring people together and allow individuals to feel special and uplifted.

You will learn to identify various types of teas, ranging from green, red and black teas including the use of the Xising clay pots and the Gaiwan cup.

You will also learn technical and ceremonial protocols, such as the appropriate setting of the tea table, how the implements are used, how to use lighting to create a positive feeling and placement for a proper tearoom experience. Training on the basics of tea preparation will be covered.

This is not an instructor’s class.

If you are seeking something peaceful, or to share a special moment with someone special, this is your class.

Class Format

This is an Online class via Zoom.

This class will take place over 5 sessions so that you have time to digest and practice what you have learned. The classes are:

  • Level 1  – Teapots, tea accessories & the tea table. $100
    (4/18/2020 3 – 5 pm PDT)
  • Level 2 – The different types of tea & how to look for quality tea. $100
    5/9/2020 3 – 5 pm PDT)
  • Level 3 – How to use teapots & tea for the taste and the highest experience. $100
    (5/16/2020 3 – 5 pm PDT)
  • Level 4 – How to steep the tea properly and how to present it to optimize the experience. $100
    5/23/2020 3 – 5 pm PDT)
  • Level 5 – Putting it all together and in a Tea Ceremony. $100
    (6/20/2020 3 – 5 pm PDT)

This On-Line tea class is also a pre-requisite for our advanced tea classes including the Taoist Tea Ceremony,  Five Elements Tea and Snake 8-Trigram Tea. If you are interested in those please make sure you have taken this class. Please Note: if you have taken our in-person tea class, that is not a substitute for this 5 part course and does not meet the pre-requisite for advanced classes. We will discount the amount you paid for the in-person class from the tuition for this class.



$100 dollars for each class or a total of $500. You can pay as you go, register  here.  Or pay in full register  here.