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Shamanism Fire Level 2: Learning the Eagle dance, Making tools for Ceremony and How to take care of your Ongon

In this class, you will learn the traditional ways of wrapping your shamanic tools used in various ceremonies. The blessing and storing these sacred implements will be taught in this class and how to use them correctly. The eagle dance is done during fire ceremonies to offer respect to the ancestors of the past. This dance will be taught in the traditional way to connect the dancer with the spirit of the golden eagle and send the message of the dancer towards the spirits of the sky.

What to bring: tobacco, small feathers, long quartz crystal, stones/small crystal, artificial sinew, bells and scraps of soft leather the amount based on how many stones you want to wrap.

Date: August 18th & 19th
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Northen, AZ  address will be given after registration.
Cost:$300 Sold out, ask to be place on the waiting list
Prerequisite: none