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Mongolian Ceremonies

Earth Ceremony, level 1

The traditional wolf dance was used to communicate with the protective spirits of the forest. In this dance, you will learn to embrace the spirit of the wolf through various postures, breathing, and bodily movement. The wolf style uses the drum and specific sounds to unify the practitioner with the hidden spirits within nature- strength, and courage to overcome adversity is generated within the practitioner who does the wolf dance.

Fire Ceremony, level 1

The traditional fire ceremony was used by the ancients to ground, protect, and reveal the deeply hidden limitations of the self through the element of fire. You will be offering to the fire spirit through the four directions and through the making of “tree ongons” or spirit houses which will be provided to the fire spirit “ott -kan.” Trance drumming is a unique and natural way of altering the drummer’s perception. Through breath combined with unique dancing, you will easily attain the trance of the ancient ones.


October 2019,  25, 26, 27th  & 28th






You must be an overseas or east coast student if your not one and would like to come, please ask to be placed on the waiting list.


at [email protected] identify the countrey or state you live in and we will send you an invoice for the 300 dollar deposit.

Space is limited to 20 people

What to bring

Hat is essential in the heat, drum if you have one, backpack, water bottle, snacks, hiking shoes, pants, a small pouch of tobacco for the offering.