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In our last Palm class, we introduced the Burning Palm and Vibrating Palm! Students have requested that we spend more time practicing together therefore future Palm classes will focus on one palm method at a time with more time to practice.
*Each Palm class is a stand-alone class and does NOT require any other classes to join.
Palm training is very special and we recommend you try out each Palm for two weeks and then decide which feels the best for you. Choose one and then master it! The rewards are many. While you appear to be training an external art, the development of your chi, your mind, and your Gold Dragon Body are all effected.

Five Element Palm

 The Five Elements Palm class will utilize the static Five Element Palm methods in a seated position to build up qi which is then channeled through the palms.
The method will use extremely slow movements to build palm intensity followed by Five Element slapping of the hands-on physical representations of those elements along with connecting the qi in the proper constructive patterns to enhance one’s inner skill and cultivation.
In ancient times this was used by the martial artists to cultivate and master each of the five elements along with various breath patterns to bring the elements to life.
*Mercury Members receive 10% off this class. Please check your membership portal for instructions on applying your discount.

Prerequisite: Must have a working camera we will spend time going over the forms and watching you make sure they are being done correctly.

Date: August 22, 2020
Time: 11:00 am – 3:30 pm
Cost: $300

Location: ZOOM

PLEASE: Make sure you are at a place where there is a good internet connection and login 30 minutes early so you can get ready, test your camera, speaker, and making sure everything is set to go. We will start on time.

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