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Introspection Ceremony

This ceremony challenges your body-mind bringing up what is hidden inside.  You will learn the way of preparing and purifying by making ceremonial ties an old ritual used in many cultures. The Earth is a natural way of self-healing by using the soil’s life force to bring forth positive health Earth medicine is also suitable for grounding internal energy and balancing the body, mind, spirit.

  • Prerequisite: Earth level 1
  • What to bring for making your ties: 1-yard of blue cloth, one can of tobacco, scissors, pen, ruler, sinew 8oz, white yarn 5oz
  • What to bring: Hat, water, blanket and snacks

Prerequisite: Earth Level 1. In order to take Air Level 3 retreat you must have your ties.

Space is Limited to 12 people
Date: July 27th & 28th
Time: Saturday we start at 6-8 pm  introduction and instruction, Sunday: 8-am for an all-day Ceremony
Cost: $300

Earth Level 2 2019