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Online Altar Workshop will take place over Zoom.

How to create your own Taoist and Shamanic Altar
with Max Christensen.

Have you as a spiritual person ever ask yourself “why do I need to
create a sacred place of meeting the divine”?

In this one day workshop, we will discuss why an Altar is needed how to create
a meditative altar for KUNLUN System, Shamanic, Ancestral traditions and give
you The Practitioner a better understanding of creating a “living” place of
spiritual focus.

This workshop is not following a traditional, “tight -minded “way of
doing things as creating specific altars based on restricted
understanding’s but to give you a “place” of personal power and a
“free-flowing” meeting ground where you can connect deeply with the
true -unseen world.

The secret to making the perfect altar is to fine-tune your place of
power with the spiritual practices that you do daily in your life.

Welcome to all no prerequisites required!

date: April 25th at 3 pm-6 pm, PDT

date: April 26th at 7 am- 10 am, JST
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