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Earth 3

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Earth 3

The vision quest is an age old practice to receive messages from the spirit world in order to guide oneself on their journey to understand themself and their purpose of their life.

This method of personal guidance was always done in the solitude of the deep forest, sacred mountaintops and places where the life force of the unseen spirits were strong.

Vision quests found in all traditions were a form of communication that a seeker of the truth would personally experience through the guidance of an elder who knew the old ways.

The quest can be used for various purposes based on the mindset and purpose of the practitioner.

There are many variations of vision quests. The outcomes of this practice may be profound or very subtle depending on the individual practitioner.

If you’re seeking this connection to the spiritual world this basic spirit quest will open the door to deeper levels of self learning.

Date: August 21st & 22nd

Time: 24hr – Vision quest is from sunrise to sunset.

Saturday morning: 10am-12pm PT Zoom for preparations, Meet once more via Zoom for check in 1hour before sunset depending on where you live in the world.

Sunday morning: 11am PT Post Vision Quest Check In

Location: Your favorite spot in the forest that has a phone connection or a big backyard with trees. Please find your spot before class.

Prerequisite: Completed Earth 1, 2, and have a Partner (unless in the backyard or a safe location). Bring ties from Earth Level 2 if you have them.

Need: camping gear, food, homemade sticks for post, Bring ties from earth level 2 if you have them if not a ball of yarn.