To contact Primordial Alchemist, Inc. please e-mail [email protected] 

For Japanese Students please e-mail [email protected]

Office hours: Monday through Friday

We are closed after 3 pm on Friday and on the weekend, please be patients with our response time if you do not receive a response on Monday.

We have many wonderful students and we try to answer on a first-come or level of importance.  If you did not get a response to your e-mail it might be because we would like you to research and figure it out or in a few cases, the e-mail does get lost.

All inquiries and questions will be review and consider accordingly.

Answers to many of your questions may be found on these pages:

We also invite you to join us for the monthly Whispering Teapot Q & A event where you can get your questions answered. All our online events are shown here.

Again, Please be patient with our response time, as we have a high volume of students.

Thank You!
Primordial Alchemist, Inc.

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