Mysterious Palm

The mysterious palm has long been forgotten and is rarely practiced anymore due to its secrecy in the old times. This rare palm style is at the “shen” or spiritual level of internal cultivation. In the ancient days of Taoism, the masters created “thunder” magic in which the practitioner would cultivate and magnify their internal energy.

Heart Sutra

This ancient sutra is essential to learn and understand in regards to the higher mind training. When a practitioner has perfected opening their energy channels and has developed their mind of non-polarity, this is the special moment to recite and understand the deep meaning of this sutra.

The Whispering Teapot

The Whispering Teapot takes place periodically each year! Imagine for a moment that we are all sitting together in a beautiful place. The tea has been poured. The Whispering Teapot is a one hour online Q & A experience with Diana Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi (Max Christensen).