I thought it would be a good time to express the concept of virtue in relation to awakening. In many traditions, ancient teachers expressed that one of the most important issues facing people in awakening was the virtuous ways within deed and thought.
Many people forget that 90% of purification is “the mind”. Our emotions and ego are what determines success or failure within high level practices.
I see many people within our tradition face this difficult phase of mind awareness. Many do “fall-off” the path, due to not wanting to change the mind from their mundane awareness to the awakened mind. Ask yourself, “What is it you really want out of this life and on this path?” Remember you only take your experiences with you.
The common “fallings” that I see occur in practitioner are: wanting to be famous, wanting power over others, thinking one is “enlightened”, taking advantage of others, thinking someone owes you a debt for helping them, not telling the truth, blaming the unseen world for whats happening to them, blaming others or your teachers for their own inability to face hidden things within themselves.
These things are the result of only focusing on the lower virtues. Once the practitioner grasped these lower virtues, they become ingrained within their mind. As a result, they will have a great difficulty removing these problems later within their spiritual path. It is sometimes almost impossible to do, therefore stopping the growth in spirit all together.
An important step is to keep humble. Live within the heart. Realize there is more in the universe then what you know. The ego is important in growing it is a driving force, but also you must know when to let it go. Bliss and emptiness in our system, awakening as a whole, will only occur in the highest levels by consistency in the moment. In other words, instilling only the highest virtues within every breath and at every moment. As I always said to you, live your art. Do not be selectively virtuous here or there.
When one has a positive virtue, the mind and heart connect through an energetic channel known as the “katika” channel, the channel of clarity. This is when the positive child-like heart energy merges with the open and empty mind. You are able to see this in some of the Tibetan rainbow body thankas.
I noticed that many people start off positive. Then they learn something powerful. This experience changes them either into a positive virtuous being who helps others through their presence or they become negative only wanting to be someone different. The grasp for power over nature and others.
Remember we already have the “awakened and enlightened mind” within us, but it is our mundane “clouded mind” that holds the veil of truth from us realizing this fact. So it again in virtue and the daily choices made by only us that determines how far we travel on the road of spirit and if we will indeed “embrace” our own awakening while in this human body.
You may not appreciate what you have learned so easily from me, until you realize that you needed to reflect on the polarities of your virtues. Making the correct choices on what is and not needed on the path you presently walk is critical because your choice will either lead you to your own “grace” or move you further from it.
Our method was developed to allow one total freedom from needing no teacher for one’s entire life. This allows a key found within one’s own nature to open a door and the knowledge was then revealed through the universe within.
Now before speaking to someone or about someone ask yourself, “Are you truly being virtuous or our you moving further away from you’re awakening?”
Lastly I would like to say that in the East, in the spiritual traditions, the word “master” was never told publicly unless you could prove it. However, in the West “master” is like using the title Mr. or Mrs.. The honorary quality to the title has lost a lot of its meaning through time.
But again what is a “master”?
To me, a “master” is a person who has “mastered” his own limitation and fears from their own awakening.
Even myself I do not use any formal title. I do not even like to be called “Sifu”.
Here is something to reflect upon. The old masters who really taught the true path, never had a “easy” time. Ask one sometime.
When a student comes to learn from you, they first respect you,
Then, as they become empowered, they like you even more,
then they love you for sharing the knowledge, making them feel important,
then they despise you for teaching them, because the dark night occurs,
then they hate you,
then they wish they never learned from you and wish you were dead,
then after your gone, they reflect on themselves, knowing they blamed their teacher,
Then they miss you and love you even more, but its too late the teachers gone.
Thank you for reading this story, and have a great day!