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I feel that this is an important subject that will help to clarify the dos and don’ts of the Kunlun® Nei Gung system. There is a lot to cover so it may take a while to read, but again I am clarifying many subjects, so please read on.
Well, let us start with the basics of the Kunlun® Nei Gung System for those learning from the book. I stress “the basics”, because they are very important, and practicing the simple methods is the best way to develop strong roots. I suggest playing a music C.D. that lasts one hour to use as a timer for your practice. Kitaro is great music to listen to during a Kunlun® sitting.
In the beginning the body shakes which indicates purification of the channels and the internal organs. Eventually the movement will subside and may even stop as the channels are opened. You may also feel heat and or coldness. This means that the channels are being rewired, and in a sense becoming more conductive to electrical and magnetic energy flows.
I highly recommend the six months of practicing level one because it can take up to six months to cultivate and refine the practice before advancing to the next level. The six month period is intended to assist you in preparing the body and mind for higher levels of energetic flow and awakening.
This period gives your body the time it needs to accumulate and to adjust to the new energy, which is necessary to move onto the level two practices. Consider this timeline as a safety measure that is important to follow, especially without me being present to evaluate your progress.
Remember, the book was made to assist people who don’t have access to me. When practicing, always use your judgment, but what we do not do is practice for ten minutes, “think” we are ready and jump to the level two practices.
Now another subject is age of the practitioner. I never teach people under 18 years of age except in certain rare situations and I have told all my students NOT to teach anyone under this age even their own children. The reason is simple: When children are young they need to concentrate on school while trying to fit in to the “normal” world and its expectations. Our children have to grow and learn about the “outer” world, and for most people this is a task unto itself.
Now let’s say someone learns Kunlun®, and this person is very young, this person starts to awaken, still not grounded in the outer world, now the two worlds clash together, the world of spirit and matter. The young person starts to experience things outside of what normal people never experience or even hear about. This young person now becomes ungrounded, not knowing which world to trust. Peers and parents will not know how to help and others not on the path will look at this young person as though they are having a mental issue. This is such a scene that can happen and has happened to people who don’t listen to me and teach people under the age of 18.
I have been asked by people why we do Kunlun® on an animal skin or rubber mat. (The traditional method was to use deerskin or a piece of large leather, but a rubber mat will also be fine, but not as good as a natural skin.) The answer to this question is that all yogic traditions used the fur for insulation purposes. If you touch the bare ground while practicing, the qi can leak from the lower areas of the body, thereby draining the kidney qi. Also the animal skin acts like an energetic barrier keeping the qi from leaking into the ground. The fur prevents the magnetic potential generated by the practice from penetrating into the earth. Walking barefoot on the ground is good for your health and grounding when you are not practicing.
Outside practices: Don’t practice in a windy area (disperses your chi), around large body of water (greater takes from the lesser) or direct sunlight (over heat). These are important and wise rules to follow. Practicing outside, under the shade of a large evergreen tree works best, as it acts like an energetic filter.
Another “don’t” is practicing between 1-3pm, because of the negative influences energetically.
For those who practice various forms of yoga, a “don’t” method is Bikram (hot) yoga, bastrika methods or various forms of kundalini. The reason is that with Kunlun®, we are practicing the “Water path” or downward flow through the spine, while other methods are the upward or “fire” path. The Kunlun® path is gentle, peaceful, without using force, while the fire path is more aggressive in nature, meant to open the chakras through alternate nostril breathing, fire breathing and other fire based practices.
Now kriya yoga will work fine with Kunlun®, as long as the practices are separated by at least four hours. White tantric kundalini that uses mantras is also fine. Emptiness methods, laughing methods, mantras, other Taoist methods like five elements, pole standing and Chinese martial arts can also compliment this art.
Another important “don’t” is using illegal drugs and alcohol with our methods. This is a foolish thing to do as these substances do not mix well with the Kunlun® system. The use of such substances is not beneficial to your health or to your practices as you want a clear mind during awakening. Furthermore, the high or relaxation you experience while on drugs or alcohol comes at a price. The mingmen, also known as the gate of life, closes, and your life force diminishes. So keep clear minded and the inner light will also become clear and bright.
Cancer is another subject I would like to address. Cancer in our tradition reflects the inability to decide ones own path. I would not suggest doing Kunlun® if you have blood cancer since the qi and the blood flow together, it could increase its speed of growth within the body. Brain cancer can be helped if the energy of the brain is kept at a higher level then normal. Red phoenix is helpful to cancers as well as laughter qi gung, since laughing is a good way of curing oneself; laugh at least three times a day. For depression, you must see the world in a non-attached state to those things that make you depressed, and connect with nature and the things that make you happy and simply adapt a less stressful life. (I am not a Doctor, and I am only sharing with you what I have learned through my life experiences).
Individuals with bipolar disorder should not do Red Phoenix or Kunlun® because these people need grounding first in the outer world. Doing the one- breath and the five elements would balance the five emotions and the organs as well.
An important fact to know and remember is that awakening is 99% of clearing the mind of its negative virtues and egos. When the energy of Kunlun® flows through you, the mind and body purifies. The body is a container of mind experience reflecting both positive and negative attributes generated by mind experience, the body purifies with the mind when one or the other releases negativity.
The most important thing is to live your art. “Do” live life simply and treat others with compassion, just as you want to be treated. Be positive about your life and the hidden possibilities Kunlun® can and will reveal to you.
“Don’t” live with an inflated ego, hating others or your teachers for showing you the path of self- awakening, after-all you picked your own path and its direction. Respect those around you and don’t point fingers at each other. It is so easy to blame others for your own weaknesses that you do not want to face.
Look at this world, there is enough pain, hurt and suffering. Just watch the news, people complain that they do not have this or that, look what others have, some have less then you. Let us as Kunlun® practitioners bring the world to a better place. Our small world is like a large pond, the waters of Kunlun® are drops from the Tao, and each of you are a drop, and even though we drop onto different parts of this pond, the ripples are felt across the pond, and as the rains of Tao become heavier and more alive, the ripples will fill the pond, bringing life, joy and happiness.
You will understand as you go higher within yourself and travel towards the wish fulfilling gem within the center of your own being. You may “think” you know a lot, but upon entering the Tao, you are just beginning to re-learn. Develop compassion to those around you; assist those people who never had the chance to learn what you have had the opportunity to learn. Treat people with joy and happiness, and it will return to you. Remember awakening means an awakened man or woman who having done their practice walks upon the earth with his head bowed in humbleness towards the mystery of the Tao.
I have watched through these few years at the amazing growth of our Kunlun® Nei Gung community. The art has spread worldwide, touching the most isolated parts of our little world. It has reached war-torn areas. It has endured and grown despite much negativity directed towards my public teaching of it. My teachers once said to me that when you teach true and authentic methods of the Tao, many people may and will go against you, wanting in every way to stop its growth, which means that it is doing something positive to those who resist their own spiritual growth.
In this regard, Kunlun® has become a mirror in which individuals must look deeply within themselves, and yes they may blame you for all they do not want to see because it is easy to blame others instead of taking personal responsibility for ones own life experiences or actions.
In our Kunlun® practice, there will be highs and lows. This is the way of the “one law” of nature. But if you live in the moment, unattached to things as they occur, living the Tao, and not just doing it here or there, or once in a while, it will become easier and easier to go through the changes we will experience.
By the way, speaking of attachment, if you get too attached to bliss, it can be addictive just like a drug. So when you have the bliss experience, feel it unattached. Remember, you are always in control and will be better served if you lead the bliss into emptiness. It is this “living” of the art of Kunlun® that makes awakening possible while still in the human body.
In closing, I’d like to share a true story. When I was younger, I visited my friend who could not move his body from the head down. Although he had been this way for ten years, he was so happy, never complained, and had no ego. One day I taught him the arts I knew and he cried. I asked why he was crying, thinking perhaps he was upset because he could not do what others can do.
He looked at me and smiled and told me that he was completely free of the mind and body with no attachment to anything. He further explained, “I have all the time in the world to master this art and I cry because others will never understand how simple and bright life can be if they would only stop and just listen.” So we stopped and listened to the trees in the wind and the birds in the sky, and silently smiled at one another.
This man reflected the most positive virtues of the Tao. So ask yourself, if this man could discover his own door of the Tao, with such physical limitations, why can’t you. We can move our bodies, we can use our feelings. We are the Tao. We are blissful and radiant and we can do anything our minds wish to do. Become unlimited; live each day like it is the first and last day of our lives.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.
Be well. Max