How fast time has gone this year, changes occurring inside and outside us, sometimes easy and at other times difficult. 2013 is but a few steps away and we should look at our spiritual goals as to what we are trying to attain.

Have you reflected on this year asking yourself if I “did or did not” attain a step closer to the ultimate goal of the body of living light? Some of you might reflect in the positive and others in a lesser sense of accomplishment.

Remember it’s the “living” of the art which is important, not just the “doing” an hour “here or there”. The true aspect of our unique system is the “conscious” living of our chosen art of awakening in each of life’s daily moments.

It takes courage to change when the divine energy attempts to break through your limitations. At times, each of you must call forth your own “spiritual warrior” to overcome the sometimes impossible obstacle in front of or within yourself.

Changes, positive or negative, are signs of forward movement. Sometimes it gets so difficult to keep going, you would just rather quit. If you were to take a moment and observe the path of a spiritual warrior, you would notice that they welcomed the challenge put in front of them as an opportunity of further gaining mastery of the spiritual path.

Every moment we do our “art of living”, we are constantly gifting ourselves and celebrating our own uniqueness and awakenings, big or small, within our daily lives. This gift also allows the sharing of these merits with others close to us.

We wish everyone blessings, happiness, and long life in the New Year.

Happy 2013,

Max and Diana