Hello KUNLUN Family,

Another year has arrived, time has gone by quickly. In this year many of you have been through or are going through many tests of mundane realities. For us practitioners on the path, tests may come in many forms such as patience, family and health issues. This is because in this year the veil of separation between both worlds are merged as one, which I like to call the state of “timeless-time”.

This moment within our path will allow true manifestation of our gold dragon body. It is so important to dissolve the mind concepts of time and live our art 24-7, to truly become formless.

For us, as KUNLUN Practitioners, this way of practicing will stimulate the eight gates of the
Hotu, success in this level leads to the opening of the ninth gate, the gate of completion and birth of our dragon or “Wu” dragon bodies as it was known in the ancient past.

It is again important we mentally dissolve the differences or separations of dualistic thinking, seeing all as constructions of our seeking mind. Stilling our hearts and monkey mind will allow the opening of the Katika channel, and allow the upper dantien to merge with the middle.

I know that this year will clear a lot of mundane things in body, mind and also in the physical reality. I advise you to keep the playful, non-attached true mind of the middle dantien in all you do, live the KUNLUN Art to its fullest and live your art instead of just practicing it.

Diana and I look forward to seeing everyone in this year, and to all happy thoughts, good cheer and remember it’s good to be alive.