Primordial Alchemist

KUNLUN Alchemy

The dense matter of the body is changed into what the ancients called the “Wu” emanation, the “Red Phoenix” body, the “Diamond” body or the “Golden Dragon” body.

Kunlun Level 2A – Online

In Kunlun Level 2 you will build on the beginning foundational practices by learning the intermediate techniques of this sacred system. Based on the individual cultivator, the level 2 practices bring forth unique and meaningful perspectives upon one’s path.

The Burning Skeleton

Burning Skeleton is a transformational meditation used to “burn out” mental and energetic impurities that cannot be seen by the conscious mind. In the gold dragon way, the “un-seeing” mind can hold back the manifestations of our practices from coming to realization. Awakening is 98% purification.

Mind Mirroring

Mind mirroring is an experience we will all have as we are shown the aspects of ourselves which need love, attention, and healing. Pages 175-177 of the KUNLUN System book teach about the reflections we see and how to use them for our evolution. “I always say to my friends that the path of awakening …

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May & June Retreat – No Classes

During the Months of May and June there will be no classes as Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi will be on retreat. The Self-Mastery Event in April will be the last opportunity to learn with them until July. Please enjoy all the new content on our website including the New Student Guide and Q & A pages. New blogs will be released each month.

Max Christensen Interview

This Sunday, April 4 @ 7pm, Max Christensen (Mugen Roshi) will make a rare live interview appearance and be the special guest on Inner Journey with Greg Friedman. Mugen Roshi will be sharing his personal story, the origins of KUNLUN System, our art & lineage, as well as introducing upcoming classes. The second hour of the show is open to callers & questions. We would love for you to join us and listen!