Project Description

In this painting we see the opening of man’s dormant potential within himself, here he steps into the world of the unseen light, where form becomes light, and light arises as form.

This is a reflection of the serpent energy arising and opening up the sky eye, within the head of man. Here we also find his connection with things found within nature.

If you look closely you will see the outline of a bee’s head behind the standing man. This is the man discovering his connection with “oneness” of all things.

This is one of the 4 part Series of “Seeing Through Illusion”

The series includes: Crystal Palace, The Awakening, The Vision, and Osiris Dream.

For the highest quality prints with more depth, sharper contrast and deeper color saturation than photo paper this is available on as a Metal Prints with float mount.

24×30 $550
16×20 $250
11×14 $126

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