FAQ Group: KUNLUN System

When should I NOT practice?

Do not practice if  you are mentally negative or if your not physically well. Do not practice the KUNLUN System between 1pm and 3pm. Females – do not practice when you are one your moon time. The flow of qi in the body and the seasons will also determine when and what you should practice. …

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I just finished the book! What do I do now?

Practice, practice, practice:) Live your art! Review the New Student Guide for the recommended steps, attend an online or in-person seminar, and consider joining our membership community!

Who should NOT practice the KUNLUN System?

People who are bipolar, experiencing alcoholic or drug addiction, angry, or experiencing any form of heart condition should never practice this art until they have purified all mental and physical limitations.  A detailed list of the KUNLUN Do’s and Don’ts can be found here.