FAQ Group: General

Why does Max have different names?

Max has been instructed in many formal lineages from Japan, China, Mongolia, Hawaii, Tibet and other shamanic traditions. He uses these names depending on what he is teaching.  These are formal names given to him by masters who passed the lineage and knowledge to him through his dedicated training, testing, and long retreats. 

I just finished the book! What do I do now?

Practice, practice, practice:) Live your art! Review the New Student Guide for the recommended steps, attend an online or in-person seminar, and consider joining our membership community!

Do you have classes or a school?

There is no school to come learn from per se but there is a very clear path which you can learn about in our book and New Student Guide. The KUNLUN System is very different from most of the traditions on the planet which are fire path. This tradition cultivates internal alchemy through surrendering to the divine flow …

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