kunlun meditation technique


The Kunlun mountains reflect the spirituality and philosophies of my masters’ heart and spirit, instilling within the practitioner how to be self-awakening, self-healing, and self-knowing.

Mongolian Medicine

Mongolian Ceremonies

Experience the traditional aspects of Mongolian Ceremonies by engaging in ceremonial rituals to the sky tengers and spirits.  You will purify body-mind through various dances and ceremonies.

egyptian meditation technique

Egyptian Esoteric Practices

The class is taught in a small group setting in order to facilitate a clear understanding and learning of the techniques and processes. This also allows the participant to experience an intuitive connection to the methods rather than merely an academic way of learning.


Kunlun® books

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English and Japanese

Where Next?

Dragon and Phoenix meet within the center palace.  Stillness is the great awakening.

Max Christensen

Lose yourself in order to find yourself.  No destination leads towards the goal.  Gather your thoughts and let them go.

Max Christensen