“The Awakening” by Max Christensen

By | November 18th, 2010|Art Gallery|

In this painting we see the opening of man’s dormant potential within himself, here he steps into the world of the unseen light, where form becomes light, and light arises as form. This is a reflection of the serpent energy arising and opening up the sky eye, within the head of man. Here we also f [...]

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“The Serpent’s Wisdom” by Max Christensen

By | September 18th, 2010|Art Gallery|

This is one of my earlier paintings in which the great cosmic serpent first awakened within me at an early age. The colors are vibrant, yet simple, with the meaning of the first awakening, from the tree of wisdom from within ones-self. For the highest quality prints, this is available on as a Giclee [...]

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