Learn the “Ancient” tradition of the school of Anubis. Experience the esoteric ways of the Egyptian priests. Learn how they mastered the sacred breath of the “Sah” and the making of a man (mummy) into an awakened man (Ra-Osiris).

This class will teach you the various levels. Beginning with reading the ancient glyphs to understanding the yogic mysteries of the coffin texts and the pyramid texts.

This is not a scholars approach nor is it the way that modern Egyptologists read and understand the ancient texts nor is it about Egyptian history. This class is a way of finding answers to one’s questions within.

The use of the rods of Horus, the burial rites of Anubis, the sealing of the mouth ceremony, and finally the Awakening of Ra-Osiris ceremony, are some of the things learned during the process of understanding these yogic methods of the ancients.

This class is taught in a small group setting in order to facilitate a clear understanding and learning of the techniques and processes. This also allows the participant to experience an intuitive connection to the methods rather than merely an academic way of learning.

Max Chistensen teaches in a traditional manner, so that the practitioner can grasp the essence of these schools of spirit. Training takes place both indoors and outdoors.

These classes are not facilitator classes. They are “hands-on” experiential classes for those who want to explore in the “Ancient” ways of long ago.

Egyptian Yogic Methods

Foundation Level 1

Some of the teachings and techniques taught in this level are:

  • Reading the hidden meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Deciphering the pyramid text to find hidden yogic practices
  • The 3 yogic postures of the Sah Breath to help open your energy channels
  • Tunnel breathing to open energy channels in the head

Level 2

Some of the teachings and techniques taught in this level are:

  • How to do a Dark Retreat correctly and the importance of one
  • What is the purpose of the Egyptian Rods and their effects
  • Walk of the Pharoahs, the final step towards the body of RA
  • How to use the Blue Lotus for medicine and ceremony
  • Egyptian sleep Yoga
  • The Blue and the Red Eye of Ra to connect you to the Ancient ones


Level 3

3-day Standing Retreat

This retreat is very important to cultivate powerful focus, to force you to face your ego and look very closely at yourself the way you are, to overcome self imposed limitations about who you think you are, what you think you can achieve and what you think you can become.  The retreat is an incredibly powerful purification of both mind and body, you will move through a lots of obstacles very quickly, therefore becoming stronger, more solid, in the truth of who you really are.  You will build up strong energy and strengthen all of your systems.