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Learn the “Ancient” tradition of the school of Anubis. Experience the esoteric ways of the Egyptian priests. Learn how they mastered the sacred breath of the “Sah” and the making of a man (mummy) into an awakened man (Ra-Osiris).

Egyptian Level 2 you will learn:

How to do a Dark Retreat correctly and the importance of one
What is the purpose of the Egyptian Rods and their effects
Walk of the Pharoahs, the final step towards the body of RA
How to use the Blue Lotus for medicine and ceremony
Egyptian sleep Yoga
The Blue and the Red Eye of Ra to connect you to the Ancient ones
(Egyptian Level 3 class will take place in 2018)

Egyptian Level 2 2017

Prerequisite: Egyptian Level 1
Date: April 22 & 23
Time: 10am-4pm