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This ceremony uses the Earth as a natural medicine to help draw out toxins hidden inside the body. In this class you will learn the way of preparing, purifying and using the Earth as a natural way of self-healing using the soil’s life force to bring forth positive health. Earth medicine is also good for grounding internal energy and balancing the body, mind and spirit and connecting with nature.

Prerequisite: Earth Level 1

Space is Limited to 12 people
Date: June 10th & 11th
Time: Saturday we start at 6pm for introduction and instruction, Sunday: 8am-5pm All day Ceremony
Cost: $300
1  Spaces Left!

What to bring: 1-yard of blue cloth, 1 can of tobacco, scissors, pen, ruler, sinew 8oz, white yarn 5oz, snacks and water bottle.

Earth Level 2 2017