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Vision Quest Retreat

This class is for the practitioner who has done the traditional medicine ties in Earth level 2. In this class you will use the ties to create a kilikhyor (vision circle). A simple ceremony called duvan zug will be taught along with the proper way to do a simple vision quest in a traditional manner.

Prerequisite: Shamanism Air level 1 & 2, Earth level 1 & 2, Water level 1 & 2

Space is Limited to 10 people
Date: 26th & 27th
Time: 6pm to 6am
Cost: $400
5 Spaces Left!!

What to bring: The ties you made in Earth level 2 if you didn’t complete them in class you need to finish them at home before bringing them to Air level 3 or retake Earth level 2 in June. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TIES