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Happy New Year 2017

By | February 3rd, 2017|Blog|

Hello to Everyone within the KUNLUN Family, Its fire rooster year, the time to evolve your minds and spirits to a new level of self-perfection.  In this year let us master the various elements of our awakened mind and shift ourselves into new un-discovered realms. In doing this have non-attachment t [...]

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The Fu

By | November 17th, 2014|Art Gallery|

In this shamanic painting we see the outline of a man during his own personal illumination. The universe inside is revealed and connected to the life essence of the outer world. This moment is when union of man and universe merged as one and a Fu, or energetic connection is awakened. This connection [...]

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Osiris Dream

By | November 17th, 2014|Art Gallery|

This is one of the 4 part Series of "Seeing Through Illusion" This picture reveals the essence of a practitioner whose spirit soars through the gate of RA. Here we see various motifs revealed to the wandering soul, as he becomes Ra-Osiris, which means the man awakened from the sleep of being a mummy [...]

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Crystal Palace

By | November 17th, 2014|Art Gallery|

This is one of the 4 part Series of "Seeing Through Illusion" In this picture we see the vibrating essence of the crystal palace in the brain where light and sound merge as one. Many hidden features are revealed in this motif depending on the mind state of the observer. For the highest quality print [...]

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Happy Holiday’s Primordial Family

By | December 23rd, 2012|Blog|

How fast time has gone this year, changes occurring inside and outside us, sometimes easy and at other times difficult. 2013 is but a few steps away and we should look at our spiritual goals as to what we are trying to attain. Have you reflected on this year asking yourself if I "did or did not" att [...]

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“The Awakening” by Max Christensen

By | November 18th, 2010|Art Gallery|

In this painting we see the opening of man’s dormant potential within himself, here he steps into the world of the unseen light, where form becomes light, and light arises as form. This is a reflection of the serpent energy arising and opening up the sky eye, within the head of man. Here we also f [...]

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